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my uni essays faq  

Q: What level of study can your writers produce essays for?

A: There is no level of study our writers can't produce essays for. Our team is a well-respected group of high achieving academics with PhDs, doctorates, degrees and postgraduate qualifications. No matter where you are in your studies, we guarantee our experts have already been there, and excelled, and we make sure you do too.


Q: What subjects do you cover?

A: Our team of 300 writers cover all core modules including:

  • Law
  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Business Administration
  • Business Ethics
  • Physiology
  • Politics
  • Sports Science
  • Computer Science
  • Maths
  • Medicine

If you're in any doubt over the subjects we cover simply contact us.


Q: Can  you help foreign students?

A: We understand how frustrating it is for foreign students in the UK. Simple grammar or spelling mistakes can affect a score dramatically. All of our services extend to foreign students, allowing you to write as if English is your first language, while our proofreading ensures you get the pass you deserve.


Q: How can I pay?

A: We accept all major credit cards via PayPal using a completely secure encrypted system. We are committed to keeping your card details safe and so have invested in the latest technology to ensure the maximum security of your details.



Q: Do I Need a PayPal Account to Buy from You?

A: No. You don't have to be registered with PayPal to buy online from us. You can check out with any major credit or debit card without creating an account.


Q: Is my information secure?

A: We never pass on your details to third parties. We have worked hard to build up loyal relationships with our students and have achieved this through trust.


Q: Will others know I've used you?

A: We keep all of your details completely confidential and abide by the data protection act of 1988. We never reveal your name or details to any third party while your association with us will be keep completely confidential at all times. No one will ever know you've been here.


Q: How much time do I have to give?

A: Once you place an order we start work on your essay right away. We do offer a very quick turnaround however we like to deliver the essay back to you a few days before your deadline. This ensures you have time to look over the work and become familiar with it before submission. If you're in any doubt as to whether we can meet your deadline, simply contact us.


Q: How do you know the work isn't plagiarised?

A: Once our writers have created your essay from scratch we then put it through many control procedures to ensure the contents are not matched to any other essay in the world. Using copyscape along with other methods, we always guarantee that the essay you receive will be completely unique.


Q: Is there a chance that my paper will be given to someone else in future?

A: On completion your essay is yours to keep. You are the sole owner and we have no need to keep copies. Our writers create every essay from scratch so you'll never find your essay anywhere else.

Q: What if I need to make changes or don't like the work I've received?

A: In the unlikely event that you don't like the work you've received or if you'd like to make changes to the essay you have a full seven days from receipt of the essay where you can make as many amendments as you wish.


Q: How can I contact you?

A: We are based in the UK and we are always committed to providing the best in customer care, delivering support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. See our contact page or call us on 0845 8350289 and one of our friendly team will take your call.
You can also email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We'll look forward to hearing from you!