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Essay Plan

Any experienced academic will tell you that it is crucial to have a plan when writing an essay. My uni essays recommends skilful planning because it will help you to strategise what can seem an overwhelming task. It organises your thoughts, arguments and fundamentally shapes your finished essay which will all lead to a high grading.

Our team of expert writers suggest 'brain-storming' or using a 'mind-maps' to help plan and structure the key points you want to betray. The advantage of using these techniques is that it allows you to see the links between multiple concepts and determine the order in which they should be presented. A well prepared and organised composition is imperative for a good essay grade.

This is our starting guide to the Perfect Essay Plan:
Your first step must be to decipher the theme that was set correctly. To do so you can ask yourself these four necessary questions:
1. What is it asking you to do?
2. What are the key terms?
3. What is the principle subject matter of the essay?
4. What will you use as the opening statement and guide throughout your assignment?

Planning your essay structure:
The Introduction - this first declaration should explain and define how you understood the question fully with demonstration of how you analysed the title. It will also highlight what areas of subject matter you are going to explore and touch on for the rest of the essay.

The Main body - The body of the essay will need to include evidence for and against distinct concepts you want to evaluate.

Every part must be structured to progress in a consistent and convincing manner so that each part develops from the last.

The main body must cover all the research and sources you have studied and all relevant arguments and evidence for the question at hand. This part of the essay needs to demonstrate investigative and fastidious analysis of all the papers you examined.

Evidential articles and information is key to your essay but it is also very important to include your own thoughts and assessments on the subject or by using real experiences to support your ideas. Be aware though that it is imperative your essay is balanced with reference to both or else face a very low mark.

At this stage of the essay the reader must be directly forging onto your apparent conclusion. It must be obvious to the assessor that you have completely understood the question and are on your way to a concise and clear conclusion.

The Conclusion - This part must reasonably and intelligently outlined and encapsulate your core concepts. It needs to link the debates you have been writing about. Then, to finish it is always a good idea to answer the question directly, decisively and without reproach.

Key Factors:
Style - My uni essays knows only too well how the grading for an essay works and the high mark essays not only have good relevant concepts and arguments but is well written and comes across elegantly and most importantly appropriately, in its style and form.
Contemplate what style your essay needs to convey, then ask yourself is it coherent, easy to understand and engaging to read? Who is this target audience, will your essay appeal to them suitably?

One technique that is proven to work is to read the essay out loud for a fresh outlook and to feel if the rhythm and style does actually work. Always check with your establishment if the form and style is right for the course, never use vulgarity, slang or idioms.

Revisions - When you think you have completed the first draft of your essay make sure you leave plenty of time for the final stage. Now you must read and re-read, evaluating your piece, editing and re-drafting where necessary. Make sure that you are satisfied with the re-writes.

Must NOTS - The fastest way to getting a fail is by plagiarising. Often students do not even realise they are plagiarising as there is a large percentage of students that include good relevant evidence from sources but do not cite it correctly. My uni essays has professional writers with many years of experience to be able to get this technique right for you.'