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Extended Essay

My uni essays knows that this is a very important essay in any students life as it is real substantial practise and prepares you for research you will need to do later in your academic course. It is a great chance for you to participate in a much more in-depth study of a subject that interests you highly.

The main aim of the extended essay is to focus your attention on investigative techniques so that you may come to an apt research question and also gain the ability to engage in a personal exploration of a given subject. Our professional writers at my uni essays help you to write your extended essay which will develop your skills in communicating ideas and how to put forward a good argument.

My uni essays helps you to write an independent, self-directed piece of research, giving you the capacity to learn on a much higher plained and more defined scale, developing and nurturing your analysis, organisational and assessment of knowledge talent.

We have a team of highly accomplished writer specialists specifically catered to provide the best support for writing your extended essay.
My uni essays recommends that your choice of topic for the focus targeted 4, 000 worded essay (although can be on anything) should be taken from the recommended highlighted subjects listed by your institution. It is also highly advisable that you have formally studied the chosen subject before although it is not compulsory.

The topic must be very careful chosen, which our expert and dedicated writers have years of experience to be able to help you do just this. This is because the topic cannot be too wide or vice versa must not be too constrictive as this will make the essay less substantial, much harder to write and not well received by the assessor.

Your extended essay must only focus on one subject, it is forbidden to discuss more than one subject. There are a couple of exceptions; one is if you are writing about 'World Studies' and subjects which have several aspects but only point towards one, such as the subject 'Society'.

Our Full Service
What my uni essay professional writers provide for you for the extended essay service is full support in planning, structuring and compiling your essay.

This includes:

  1. Guidance in the initial and crucial stages of seeking out the perfect research question for the extended essays theme.
  2. Gathering the perfect and often rare material that our writers have years of experience and contacts to be able to get for you with the exact citing and referencing for the essay's bibliography. We also offer being able to supply our students with special equipment you may need for extra points.
  3. Finally, your dedicated writer will be able to improve upon your completed essay for the highest grades possible.