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Is This Cheating?

My Uni Essays versus cheating

Without proper research or investigation, the media has been quick to brand essay writing websites as a service for cheats. The media couldn't be more wrong.  My Uni Essays is a bona fide legal service that, when used correctly, can be likened to using published essay writing guides, course text books, newspapers and journals, and old question and answer papers frequently handed to students by their lecturers.

Of course, we acknowledge that there are a dishonest few who could abuse our service by submitting model essays as their own. However, those cheats will always be caught out in the same way as if they had plagiarised course text books. Lecturers know their subject extremely well. A sudden leap in writing quality or suspiciously familiar text will instantly be flagged and cheats will be caught.

How to use My Uni Essays in the right way

My Uni Essays was never created with cheating in mind. In fact, we are ethically opposed to it. Used in its intended way, My Uni Essays is an excellent aid to learning which could help you grow as a writer. Here are some quick tips to using our essay writing service while keeping your morals intact.

Model Essays

These are course-specific essays which have been researched and written to an extremely high quality, and are 100% original and plagiarism-free. A model essay should be used in the same way that you would use a report or journal which contains all the information you need – as a guideline to write your own researched and original essay. Used correctly, My Uni Essays can help you to become a better writer. In no way should you feel like you're cheating by using one of our model essays. It's not cheating – it's part of your research.

Custom Essays

A custom essay is an original essay written solely for an individual by one of our team of professional writers. It's custom because it's written to the student's specifications and guaranteed by My Uni Essays not to be sold on or used by anyone else. As with our model essays, we can absolutely guarantee that our custom essays are plagiarism-free. We do not cut and paste from text books or indeed any other guide. What you'll get is well thought out and researched writing that is completely original. And in case you were wondering...

My Uni Essays is completely legal

Writing aids have been a standard in the world of academia for years - think of all the guide books, theory texts, reports, journals and lecture notes that are freely available for purchase. My Uni Essays is simply another writing aid. Yes, there are those who could claim one of our model essays as their own, but it's the same as plagiarising a course book: it's the cheater who cheats – not the book and not the essay writing service.

You may want to know that My Uni Essays complies with the 1998 Data Protection Act, which means we won't share our customer details with anyone unless required to do so by law. Then again, if you're using our services in a legitimate way, you have absolutely nothing to hide.

Some students may worry about their university or college finding out that they've used our services. We say, don't worry! If you're using My Uni Essays in the correct way, then you've done nothing wrong and cannot be penalised for it.

How you'll benefit from using My Uni Essays

By purchasing a model essay or using our custom essay service, you will learn how to research and produce quality academic writing.  My Uni Essays can offer you so much more than any standard question and answer booklet.  Our professional and highly qualified writing team is here to help you with your specific needs.

It's up to you

My Uni Essays has always been and will always be against those who cheat and plagiarise. It's not good for business and, in actual fact, we believe it's wrong. Of course, how you choose to use our service is entirely up to you and something we have no control over.

Use My Uni Essays in the way we would like you to use it and you'll be tapping into a service that will help you become a stronger, more focused academic writer. Use one of our essays to pass off as your own and you're more than likely to get caught out. The only person to suffer in that situation is the person branded a cheat – and it's not a name that will disappear quickly.